Purchasing A Used Car Without Getting Ripped Off

rip off saying scam alert and yield signThere are so many stories of people getting ripped off when they purchase a used car for sale that many are nervous to even try. The thought of purchasing a “lemon” or getting taken advantage of on price scare most level headed people into making the foolish decision to purchase a brand new car.

This article will teach you how to purchase a used car for sale without getting ripped off. Just follow the simple tips in this article and you will be able to purchase your next used car for sale with ease.


The very first thing that you should do before you even start thinking about purchasing a used car is to figure out what you current financial situation is and what type of financing you will be qualified for.

Many people find the car they love and only consider financing afterwards. This puts them in a tough situation and they often make a poor decision. They usually buy a car that they really can’t afford and then blame the seller or the “used car industry” on their mistake.

If you want to prevent yourself from getting ripped off, do your homework. Find out how much car you can afford and what your interest rates will be. Used cars for sale are great deals if you can get the right financing.


Don’t trust anything the seller says when purchasing a used car. It is nothing personal, you can just never be too careful. This is a business transaction and it should be conducted as such. Get your car professionally inspected before buying. If the seller doesn’t want you to get the car inspected, then run for the hills and clap your hands for joy because you just narrowly escaped purchasing a “lemon”.

Qualified inspectors (usually mechanics) will not only be able to tell you whether or not the car is ok, but they can also offer insight into how much they think it is actually worth. Since they work on cars on a daily basis, they will be able to give you an estimation on how much money you might have to put into the car once you purchase it.

The After Sale Stuff

Let’s say that you have run through all the cautionary steps listed here and otherwise. You have finally decided that you would like to purchase the car and you have even reached an agreement on price. Now comes the tricky part.

Many used car dealers make more money on the backend sales then they do on the front end. In sales this is called “contrasting”. They sell you something for $5000, then they say, “Well, for only $200 more we can…” Your brain looks at that $200 and thinks, “Well, that isn’t very much at all compared to the $5000.” That is how they get you.

Be aware of what they are trying to sell you, especially the “Finance Managers”. The people who are trying to sell you warranties and extended coverage are doing just that, they are selling.


Be careful, but realize that finding a used car that passes these tips will be an amazing deal for you and your family. Don’t skip out on making the right choice because of fear, there are thousands of used cars being sold every day that are NOT rip offs. We have tried our very best to collect those types of cars here on our site.