How to Search for the Best Discounts On Used Commercial Trucks

white commercial semi truckConsider these three factors when searching for used trucks for sale:

  1. Your needs
  2. The age of the truck
  3. How many miles the truck has traveled
  4. The price

What about the buyer’s budget? All four factors above determine the buyer’s budget.

Your needs play a very important decision-making factor for any buyer searching for specific used commercial trucks for sale. For instance, a buyer just searching for a normal truck to carry the occasional furniture or lumber will definitely pay for less, in contrast to someone searching for a truck with heavy payload or towing capacity. Many options and compromises might need to be considered when looking for a specific used truck for a specific need.

Consider carefully the age of the truck. Many people might recommend buying used commercial trucks that are only 3 or 4 years old. However, never discount older or aged trucks as old as 6, 7, or even 8 years. Older trucks will certainly have lower prices. They may not have the latest features like iPod connection, satellite radio, or even GPS, but, offer similar towing and power capabilities. Additionally, if engine power, body toughness, and overall reliability are what a buyer seeks, older trucks are manufactured using the same technology as new models.

Mileage or how many miles the truck has traveled is another factor to consider. Most commercial truck manufacturers have a solid reputation for engine reliability. Higher mileage does not always mean the truck is worn out. Often it just means the truck may have been doing more highway driving. Highway miles are significantly easier than trucks that experienced heavy towing or stop-and-go traffic.

For the truck price, look for those trucks that have been with a used commercial trucks dealer for some time. All dealers, for brand new or used vehicles, always use a quick turn-around environment in its operations. So, the longer a used truck sits on the lot, the lower its price. Dealers like to haggle over stale inventory than for vehicles just recently acquired. When going to a local used truck dealer, ask for their inventory. Do the same when searching online for used trucks. Some online dealers actually provide inventory information and vehicle history.

Never ignore private sellers. Occasionally, a private truck owner will want to sell his truck. These are normally priced lower than those at dealers. Depending on the severity of the seller’s needs, a private seller is more than willing to accept a discounted price for their truck. However, before buying from a private party, make sure to do all the necessary detailed checks of the truck like mileage, engine performance, etc.

Another factor to consider when buying an older or higher mileage vehicle is the extended warranty. Check if these come with the used truck or must be purchased. Depending on the coverage, these warranties may cover everything from the truck’s power train to its air conditioning unit, and more. When it comes to finding the right truck at the right price, a little research can go a long way. Expanding a buyer’s search to include the options above can help it go a little farther.